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Graeme Pirie


I have been a Dri Wash ‘n Guard Australia Distributor for several months and I was sold on the product the first time I saw it demonstrated. Even more so when I used and applied the Ultra-ION not only on my own vintage aircraft but several others including a new (and expensive) helicopter. One in particular was a Boeing Stearman which was the military trainer for the pre-war American pilots. This is a mainly fabric (cotton and Dacron) aircraft and the Ultra-ION did a stand out job. I demonstrated the product on a few sections of the aircraft when the owner visited us in June (we fly out of the Hunter Valley in NSW) from Camden. I polished a small section of the bottom left wing, the windscreen and storage door (which is metal) behind the pilot. The pilot was more than impressed, as everyone is when they first witness a Dri Wash demo.I spoke to the pilot several days later and he told me that all the way back to Camden he couldn’t take his eyes from the small bright patch on the wing, it just glistened he said. When he could take his eyes from the polished section he was amazed at how crystal clear the windscreen was. It normally takes him 10-12 hours to wash and polish the aircraft, but with Dri Wash ‘n Guard much less than half that. My own experience with the Ultra-ION on Perspex, which most aircraft use for windscreens is that is the most efficient cleaner I have ever used. Perspex on aircraft can easily be scratched, and when that occurs small star like formations can form and make other aircraft sometimes difficult to see, which of course is of paramount importance in aviation. We have treated several vintage aircraft, Auster, Tiger Moth, and Stampe with the Ultra-ION and they all look superb. These are all fabric aircraft and the product works beautifully on these, just as it does on most any non-porous surface.

Sam Bonassi

I have been a distributor for a few months and I hit the ground running from the get-go. The first thing youl notice about me will probably be my PT Cruiser. Being heavily involved in PT Cruiser clubs around the country I get to see plenty of people who care about their vehicles more than the normal "Joe". Dri Wash 'n Guard has become second nature to me and everywhere I go I make time for a demonstration of the DWG® product line because I know the people I meet in the rally's and club meets will want my products and will buy them from me. I have used plenty of different products on my vehicles over the years and nothing has ever performed in my opinion quite like the Dri Wash 'n Guard product line. The products are easy to use, and the business is just as easy to run. Just show the product and show the plan!

(Ed Note: Sam is a great guy and very capable even with his cane. Sam demonstrates just how easy the Dri Wash products are to use and how easy it is to sell our product line.)



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