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Business Opportunity

Around the world, people just like you have changed their lives with the DWG® Business Opportunity - and you can, too! Full time or part-time, you set your own hours to achieve the financial independence you desire. Your goals are within reach with DWG® Australia™.

Take the first step to the life you deserve!
The future of your dreams or just the cash you need today, whatever you want you can reach both on the path to life changing success as a DWG® Distributor. Yes it will take a little hard word, but regardless of experience or education, you’ll receive personalized support every step of the way as you build your business with exciting opportunities for:

  • Top Compensation
    With only minimal start-up costs, and the fact that you CAN open a REAL business with our products, DWG® Australia’s compensation plan ranks among the most generous in direct-selling today.

  • The Best Products
    DWG®’s Waterless Carwash product line has been formulated to clean, polish, seal, and UV protect any hard non-porous surface, without water. No scratching, no fuss, just spray on and wipe off. The rest of our product line completes the picture, providing treatments for all surfaces on your Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, Jet-ski, and even in your home. Many have tried but none have equaled DWG®’s amazing formulations. There is nothing like them anywhere else in the world.

  • Proven Success
    DWG® has a record of success that began in the early 1990’s and which is continuing today, over 17 years later and includes millions of people in many different countries around the world. Over 160 million cars Cleaned, Polished, Sealed and UV Protected in over 52 countries.

If you always knew there had to be a better way, and are willing to put in the effort, it's time for you to start on your personal path to life-changing success.



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