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Dri Wash 'n Guard Australia's Executive Message to Independent Distributors


Dri Wash 'n Guard® has always been a company that had leaders that led by example. From its inception the founders of the company have worked hard to create an opportunity that everyone can take advantage of. Nothing has changed over the past decade and a half. Yes, pioneering work has been and still is hard sometimes, but at least you get to make your own way as a pioneer. Companies have been following behind us for years now, trying to produce an equivalent product to our old formulation in the hopes of emulating our great success. As a company we have continued to move forward in all areas including our product formulations to a newer, and even better DWG® product range than before. Our Ultra-ION™ formulation is cutting edge on a number of fronts besides the fact that it is fantastic to detail a vehicle without using water. While our competitors still try and figure out our old technology we are already moving forward again ready to make new technological breakthroughs. This is also part of being a leader, you hold the gap. It would be easy to sit on our laurels after having had such unbelievable success for so long. We have further widened the gap between DWG® and 'them' with the technology we have included in our new formulations. This translates into one thing for our customers and Independent Distributors alike. Our products are not only one of a kind, they are the best product you could use on your vehicle, in your home and in so many other applications. Even so, we still are working on further improvements, because thats what leaders do.

In the car detailing industry there are plenty of companies with products that don't work, and this is more pronounced in the companies that provide Waterless Car Care. Since the inception of DWG® Waterless Carwash™ there have been over 200 companies that have attempted to copy our proprietary product formulations and have failed. Instead they have produced second rate products that are a combination of water, wax held in suspension in some cases, unbalanced mixtures of wetting agents, citric acids, silicons, and teflons. The number of concoctions that have been produced by 'them' over the years is very extensive. At the end of the day nothing has been produced by the 'followers' that has worked as advertised. The 'better' of these companies are still in business supplying other 'followers', other companies have died long ago with their products. Some companies have recently tried to rebadge some of their products as 'waterless' in a hope to shamelessly cash in on the buzz our product line has produced in Australia since we released our product line to the Australian public. Other companies procure products to resell here in Australia which are the same as their competitors. They all seem to purchase off of the same bulk manufacturer and rebadge the product as their own. Somehow they can keep as straight face as they claim to be number one with 'extensive manufacturing facilities' overseas. On a more amusing note there are companies that are marketing products that are 'waterless', but they require you to dilute them in water. We are still not sure where the 'waterless' part comes in to play with those products. But their proponents will look you in the eye and swear to you that they offer the best 'waterless' solution. All of this comes down to a single point, no matter where you are, who you are, what the temperature is, what vehicle you are detailing, or how cheap or expensive your vehicle is, there is a stark difference in the performance of all of these products when compared to the premium finish of the DWG® product line, and it is even more apparent with continued use over time.

It is amazing to see in some cases that those same people offering some of the products referred to above are also offering a franchised 'business opportunity' that requires a very high startup cost and a very high continual maintenance cost. At the end of the day these constraints make the business less profitable than it should be for the franchise owner. Costs are then passed on to customers. More often than not, the quality of the finish will not sustain the prices the franchisee would like to charge in order to have a decent profit made for what can be physically a very demanding job. Poor products create a bad situation for an individual who has spent thousands on a franchise as they have to work very hard to make all the ends meet (including their franchise responsibilities which generally come first). Some of the 'business opportunities' out there are simply doomed to failure based on the financial requirements forced on the franchisee (without taking into account the poor product quality of the same franchises products) and we have already seen a few companies fall by the wayside because of this. Other companies are currently on their way out which is unfortunate for their franchisees. More often than not it seems that people are not calculating the true cost of their franchise. Some companies provide you with one 'waterless' product which they use to clean the exterior of a vehicle. They then give you a list of the approved products you will use which they provide you with at a slightly cheaper rate than you can purchase the same products for yourself with a trade account. We are not sure how they can keep a straight face when they claim to offer a premium opportunity with a premium product. Most of their product is available at any auto store and in some cases it seems their core product is available at a price from their supplier.

At the end of the day, individuals who are courting the idea of using a 'waterless' car care product need to educate themselves in the options that are available and the differences that there are in the products and how they perform. Request a demonstration, talk to the distributor or service provider, find out how long they have been in business and the history of the product. More often than not you will see quickly that the promises they make about their products just do not add up. Also weigh their claim's to be the most economical. While one companies bottle might be cheaper, you will use 5-10 times as much of the product (sometimes more) in an application. Then their is the time of application. Some of these products require just as much time to use as the standard wash and polish, but with a poorer result. We ask 'Why use a product like that?'. and more importantly we ask them 'Why sell a product like that?'. That's not leadership, that's cashing in on a growing trend with whatever is at hand. Don't get taken advantage of. Make sure you as a customer are getting the best product for your dollar. We already know the DWG® product line is exactly that, one demonstration and you will too.

For those who are looking at the myriad of 'waterless' business oportunities which have come out of the woodwork in the last year you need to be even more careful in your choosing. It takes a lot of detail jobs to repay a $30,000 to in some cases $60,000 start-up cost (don't forget to add the the maintenance fees in between). If the best you are going to average is $75 a vehicle you should ready yourself for the long hard road ahead of you (especially if your core product is dubious in the finish it provides). You will need to do your due diligence, and we encourage everyone who comes our way to look at all the options available. Some people love the 'security' a franchise offers, but make sure you count the true cost into the equation which we have outlined.

We are happy to report to you that all over the world for the last sixteen years, our product line has been and still is the core of a very profitable opportunity for those who choose to put their effort into being a DWG® Independent Distributor. We are happy to report that after sixteen years we are still number one worldwide in Waterless Detailing. We are happy to be offering the same fantastic opportunity we have always offered to motivated individuals for a price far less than any competitor can dream of offering their 'less than equal' opportunity. What other company can say that they have a distributor who made his cost back in his first week of work? NONE, except for DWG®. Why? Because we have the best PROPRIETARY product line with products that do exactly what they say they are going to do every time. Couple this with the low start-up cost and simple, free training needed to master the usage of the DWG® product line and it is no wonder that people across Australia are embracing the DWG® product line in their businesses and in their homes at such a fast rate.

Whether you are looking for a premium product for personal use, or if you are looking for a business opportunity in the car care industry, DWG® has everything you need. We are proud to be able to say that. In sixteen years from now we look forward to being able to look back again over a second decade and a half time period. We plan on seeing another 200 competitors fall by the wayside, and we still plan to be number one. We trust you can be there with us then.


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