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Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless Carwash Press Releases

Don't Get Ripped

Don't get ripped by copies, use genuine Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless CarwashThey say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and we have a bunch of that going on. So much so that it is almost comical. Unfortunately, we get calls every once in a while regarding 'other' products and the effects that they have had on individuals vehicles. And while we are very sad to hear the results that individuals have had with 'other' products we are not responsible for their poor performance. We do have a line of products that can help minimise the continued visiblilty of the damage that other products have caused, but it is on a case by case basis by which the results are to be determined.
Most often the results can be removed and your vehicle can look better than new again. The key is to use genuine Dri Wash 'n Guard® Australia Waterless Carwash products.

Save yourself the hassle from the get-go by going with the number one waterless car wash worldwide, which of course is Dri Wash 'n Guard® Waterless Carwash™. You will find that our product line will clean, polish, seal and protect your vehicle's duco better than anything else on the market. You will also find that your glass becomes almost invisible with a treatment of waterless carwash. The benefits are wide ranging and we invite you to come in to the warehouse or to contact one of our Independent Distributors for a free personal demonstration of the power of the DWG® product line.

We don't like hearing about people's bad results using other companies lower grade products!!! Generally the poor results can be fixed with the necessary effort. Save yourself the trouble and use the best from the beginning.

We have had reports, and have seen with our own eyes the extent through which competitors will go to fraudulently sell their lower quality product using our name, our images, and even the wording from our website on flyers, labels, stickers... the list sadly could go on. Make sure you are purchasing the real-deal DWG® Waterless Carwash™ product line. If you have any questions regarding an individual who you think is a lieing cheat then contact us on (02) 46486102 or by e-mail at info@driwash.com.au and we'll let you know if they are 'one of them', or someone you can trust.



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