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  • The Independent Distributor Application Form is used by individuals to join the Waterless Carwash Club™ as an Independent Distributor or as a Change of Information form by a current Independent Distributor. If you would like more information regarding a DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Australia™ Independent Distributorship please click here or download the DWG® Presentation below.

  • The Customer Product Order Form can be used by the general public to order product without using the online shopping cart. Independent Distributors can order their product manually by using the Independent Distributor form available to them in the Marketing Materials section of their DWG® Back Office.

  • The DWG® Business Opportunity Presentation is a Microsoft Power Point presentation jam-packed with all the information an individual will need to understand who DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Australia™ is, and how the DWG® Independent Distributor Program operates. This presentation is free to download, burn to CD and to distribute by current DWG® Independent Distributors as long as it remains unchanged from its original format as presented on this site.




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